Groundhog Day Reminiscence

Everybody loves the old classic movie Groundhog Day! Do you remember it? A weatherman (Bill Murray) is so caught up with superficial things in life and finds himself caught up in a dream-like reality where he continues to live the exact same day over and over and over again. If you have not seen it, you should check it out. But if you have you may have wondered where that movie got its title and what other animals live underground. Ground Moles, Gophers, and Groundhogs are all animals that can be a nuisance to your home and may have you wanting to call a professional wildlife removal expert.

What about Ground Moles?

Ground moles are not harmful to humans but are very destructive and are enemies to the human beings due to the destruction they cause, especially in the gardens. The moles move rocks and gravel as they make tunnels which may, in turn, destroy the tractors as they plough the land. Another problem that they cause is making the soil light and therefore easy to be eroded by the rain.

Moles feed on creatures that dwell in the soil like earthworms, slugs, beetle larvae and other small vertebrates that move around in the ground. It is right to say that the moles are insectivorous. Moles have a very good sense of smell and hearing which makes up for their poor eyesight. The moles have sensitive whiskers which help them find their way around and can also sense when there is a foreigner within its vicinity.

They also have tiny hairs around their long nose. They are therefore able to tell when an insect is near them and are able to find it and feed on it. Moles eat a lot and in a single day can eat an average of over half of their weight.

Therefore when the insects are plenty, the moles store them. They bite the heads off the insects and store them in a large mole hole. This happens especially during autumn and winter.

The moles also make small hills as the dig their burrows, and these molehills are not good because they can cause accidents, especially on lawns. There is also the fact that as the moles drill in to the ground when they are making the tunnels, they cause damage the roots of trees and flowers.

Ground Mole Damage & Groundhog & Gopher Problems

The tunnels can reduce the yield of your crops and also increase weed growth. They end up destroying the lawn by cutting the grass roots, which leads to the wilting of your grass and thus destroying the lawn and making it look ugly. Since moles feed on small insects like earthworms, and if there are too many moles in your yard it can be quite dangerous since earthworms help to aerate the soil. By having many moles in your land you are encouraging destruction of the soil and this could lead to a permanent problem.

Though Ground Moles, Gophers, & Groundhogs can be quite the pests, they can be safely and humanely removed from your area. Experts at Frontier Wildlife Control are very experienced in wildlife removal and would be more than happy to lend a helping hand in extracting the sneaky ground moles.

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