Creative Impacts of Movies

Creative Impacts of Movies in the Society

Currently, there are millions of movies produced by different film industries

. There are different types of films such as action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, science fiction or action. Movies play a significant role in the society either directly or indirectly. . If you are a great fan of movies, then it has definitely influenced your thinking, perspective and decisions in a major way. Additionally, this article aims to explain the creative impacts of movies.

Movies can have positive or negative impacts on our lives. Some of the creative impacts of movies in the society include:

1. Education and information

One of the best creative impacts of movies is the ability to educate people. There are lots of documentary movies that discuss important issues affecting the society. The movies highlight social issues which need to be addressed. For instance, Juno teen movies focus on the issues of under-age sex and miscarriages. The “Day After Tomorrow” is an environmental movie focusing on the issue of global warming.

Films act as a source of informative and knowledge. Research-based or science fiction movies give you information and the ideas of inventing new things. Historical movies provide useful informative about ancient days and the lifestyle which influences people in a particular way. Classic movies provide information about traditional arts and lifestyle. Therefore, movies provide useful research materials for students and broaden their understanding of different fields.

2. Fashion

Films have a great fashion impact on their fans. For instance, after the release of Top Gun movie, Ray Ban glasses became popular amongst the young people. Your personal fashion style might be influenced by movies scenes even without realizing it. Movie superstars like Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta have sparked fashion trends across the globe. The popular Twilight saga movie brought back Gothic style and makeup.

3. Providing amazing entertainment

Movies provide both recreation and entertainment. Most comedy and family films provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

4. Relieves stress

Watching nice movies can bring a relaxing and cool atmosphere. Watching comedy films can reduce stress levels when you are having a bad day.

However, we cannot ignore the negative impacts of movies. Use of cigarettes, for instance, has been portrayed as “cool” thing to do. The same applies with alcohol where teenagers have been encouraged to engage in consumption of alcohol. Some movies have promoted stealing ideas by showing roles of cool thieves are never caught. Violence is one of the negative aspect of watching horror and action-based movies. Children may watch some violent movies then try to enact some scenes. Children minds tend to be open to new ideas and are ready to try out anything.

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